Who Are We? 
We are Dani & Sarah, two sisters and best friends from the Macarthur region, Sydney Australia. We had a joint idea and vision that we, with our individual strengths, finally manifested into our very own small business. We learnt quickly that where one had a weakness, the other a strength - and it worked perfectly in combination to begin this adventure.

We both naturally gravitated toward work that allows us to exist in a beautifully innovative space, while pushing our creative boundaries. With both of us being Libras, the work had to be creative. We also fell in love with the idea that we could provide unique pieces to brighten, elevate and play a special role in our clients events. And finally, we were excited to offer a revolutionary option of a more sustainable floral arrangement - our product is super long lasting & requires less of an environmental impact in a magnitude of ways compared to fresh flowers. This all really resonated with us, and simply made sense - we could only see it in a forward facing direction.

With the idea of this business lingering in chit chat for over a year before it was founded, the final decision to just do it was over soy flats, after a psychic reading (thankyou for the foresight and encouragement Dylan!). We began our journey by literally jumping right in the very next day - it was the only way to allow its manifestation. We sat in the middle of what would (unbeknownst to us) eventually be our first studio, surrounded by a few empty vases and several boxes of dried/preserved florals - essentially a blank canvas. With old-school music in the background (think Ashanti and Stacey Orrico) and you guessed it - more coffee, several hours later we were amazed at what had evolved before our eyes, naturally.
From floral arrangements and interacting with our clients and learning what they wanted to see more of; we were inspired to think outside of the box. And from that inspiration, came our Original Floral Hanger. After weeks, we finally had our first piece and this would soon become the foundation of our event hire. And before we knew it, we were thrown into event hire and began to to create beautiful set ups with our clients. 

When we trialed our creations with you, and dipped our feet in the event hire world, we were overwhelmed with the excitement from our soon-to-be little tribe of beautiful customers, this became our fuel to continue and the rest is history.

If you're here on our site reading this, you are a part of the fuel that drives this business, and it means the world to us!